Mirror Epoxy & Polished Concrete

The ultimate no-wax flooring material solution


Overcreate Resurfacing System

Overcreate Resurfacing Compound

Overcrete Resurfacing Compound is a dry powder component of a 3 part system specially designed to rejuvenate existing concrete. It is a non coloured powder which is mixed with Overcrete Cement Activator (water based liquid) and 1 bag of your choice of Overcrete Powder Colour Tint's.

Overcreate Powder Color Tint

Overcrete Powered Colour Tints are made from high quality iron oxide, chrome oxide and titanium dioxide pigments and with a range of 30 colours to choose from.

Overcreate Cement Activator

Overcrete Cement Activator is a Acrylic Polymer which is ideal for priming concrete in readiness for application of Overcrete Resurfacing Compound and is a very important ingredient in our Overcrete Resurfacing System. Also can be used as an additive for mortar, render and concrete to increase strength and adhesion

Epoxy Coating

SV20 Water Based Two Pack Epoxy

Is a 50% Solids two pack water base epoxy, comes as a white accent base which needs to be tinted to colour of choice. Is used as a commercial concrete coating (paint) also as a coloured base coat for chip flooring. When mixed with addition sand it is used as an anti-slip floor coating

SV100 Two Pack Epoxy 100% Solid

Is a 100% solids two pack epoxy system free from solvent and water, can be used as a pigmented coating for concrete floors, as a binder for high build sand filled epoxy floor coatings 2-6mm thick. Area of use (food processing industries, garage or work shop floors, etc). Also used where a high chemical resistant floor coating is required.

Solvent Based Concrete Sealers

SV21 Premium Same Day Concrete Sealer

SV21 Premium Same Day Concrete Sealer has been formulated as a prime sealer where improved penetration and adhesion is required prior to applying SV24 Concrete Sealer High Gloss or SV26 Concrete Sealer High Build top coat concrete sealers. Areas of use: stamped concrete, stencil concrete, trowel or broom finished concrete. Also to be used on OverCrete or similar spay-on coatings were the temperature is 5 Degrees Celsius or lower in the winter months.

SV24 Concrete Sealer High Gloss

SV24 Concrete Sealer High Gloss is a general purpose solvent base concrete sealer of medium viscosity and solids. It gives a clear film with a medium to high gloss and is most commonly used to seal spray on concrete coatings (Overcrete), Stencil Concrete & Stamped concrete.

SV26 Concrete Sealer High Build

SV26 Concrete Sealer High Build has been formulated with a higher viscosity and higher solids for Overcrete or similar spray-on concrete coatings. Using SV26 Concrete Sealer gives your a thicker and more even seal with two coats. SV26 Concrete Sealer can also be used as a top coat concrete sealer for exposed aggregate. Concrete surfaces other than spray on coatings will most likely need to be primed with SV21 prior to coating with SV26 Concrete Sealer High Build.

SV28 Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer SV28 is an acrylic solution that produces a hard, yet flexible clear film and exhibiting excellent durability, clarity and colour retention and has excellent grease, water and alkali resistance. Contains a UV Absorber to improve protection from ultraviolet light. Concrete Sealer SV28 can be used fully tinted like paint or clear for reseal jobs over existing Stamp Concrete, Stencil Concrete or existing resurfacing jobs.

Svmatt Concrete Matt Sealer

SVMATT Concrete Sealer Matt has been formulated from the SV28 Concrete Sealer producing a hard, yet flexible clear film and exhibiting excellent durability, clarity and colour retention and has excellent grease, water and alkali resistance. Contains a UV Absorber to improve protection from ultraviolet light.

SV13 Sandstone Sealer

SV13 is designed to enhance the colour of sandstone, granite, concrete pavers or slate. SVSS has excellent durability and helps protect against mould, water, dirt and oil. Contains a UV Absorber to improve protection from ultraviolet light durability.

Water Based Acrylic Sealers

SV30 Easy Seal Water Based Concrete Sealer

Easy Seal is a water based sealer for concrete and cementitious coatings, with a blend of self cross linking polymers it is of high performance and low sheen. It is formulated to provide ease of application. Fast drying with excellent adhesion and general protection for concrete.

Water Repellents

RP110 Masonary Water Repellents

Water Repellent RP110 is a high quality general purpose water repellent for impregnating and priming mineral and highly alkaline substrates. Water Repellent RP110 is suitable for imparting water repellency to absorbent, porous, mineral construction materials.


SV23 Two Pack Polyurethanes

Is a two part polyurethane formulated to a medium solid for easy application, offering a beautiful and consistent finish. Dust and dirt washes off during rain and residual dirt can be easily removed by detergent and water. Therefore SV23 is generally the best option for long term protection on flat & low textured surfaces. Excellent finish coat over epoxy flooring with superior leveling. Advantages include: High gloss finish; tough, and abrasion resistant. Excellent in areas of high wear. Excellent weather ability- resistant to high levels of UV and extremes of weather; chemical resistant.

SV40 Two Pack Polyurethanes

A non-yellowing two pack polyurethane, generally used where a tougher harder wearing gloss coating is required; for internal and external use. General uses are as a protective coating for Flake/Chip Flooring, Epoxy Flooring, OverCrete or similar cement spray on coatings. SV40 can also be tinted to a colour of choice and used as a coloured coating Areas of use; schools, shopping centres, driveways and public toilet blocks.

SV45 Single Pack Moisture Curing Polyurethanes

Is the toughest wearing coating sold by On-Cretre. It is a single pack moisture curing polyurethane (non-yellowing). It can be used for both interior and exterior applications. When fully cured, SV45 has a very high abrasion resistance and a very high solvent resistance, ie; tire marking and chewing gum can generally be removed without damage to the coating. Areas of use are OverCrete, Epoxy Coatings, Flake/Chip Flooring, as a clear coating on ground polished concrete floors, timber flooring and also is used as an Anti Graffiti Coating on floors and walls